I explore creation in many of its forms: human life, the natural world and the animal world. I am drawn to vivid vital colors and textures. The essences of places are what move me.

With my camera I strive to capture moments of beauty at wherever I happen to find myself home or abroad. Each of my images and even the most otherworldly landscapes tries to unearth a humanity that could easily have been overlooked.

My work unfolds out of attention, passion and love. All of my artwork is an expression of my curiosity and love for all the diversity in the world.

How can I fully express what I feel after visiting so many countries around the world? They include Tanzania, Namibia, India, Israel, Jordan Palestine, Argentina, Ecuador, France, Spain, Italy and a few more. The landscapes  of these countries with the people and animals have changed the way I see and changed the way I look at life. 

I hope my images convey the essence of the place and its people. I have also received a heightened awareness of the importance and urgency of conservation and preservation in many of these countries.